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Photography has been a major interest since I was a teenager. With the proceeds of my very first paycheck when I was 16 I purchased a Minolta 101, and I was the Photo Editor of my high school yearbook. Much of my work is on slides, and it will take time for it to be moved to a digital format for display on the web. In the meantime, I have adapted to digital photography and have some of my more recent works available online.

In fact, it's my most recent works that I have online presently. Curretly I have selected my favorite images taken during a workshop led by Guy Tal and Michael Gordon, Visionary Death Valley. I am calling that group of works "Death Valley Visions" and they may be accessed here.

Please return later to check on our progress. There will be additions to the "Death Valley Visions" series, as well as a set of images taken during two days with one of the instructors following the workshop. The title of these images will be "Beyond Death Valley Visions". Then, in reverse chronology, I will post my photographs of New Zealand, the circuit of the western US national parks, and Egypt.

Gold rule

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