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28th Annual Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS
May 28, 2016
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Presentation: An Update on NeuroAIDS and Aging: Protective, Remediation, and Compensation Strategies (with Prof. David E. Vance)
TPAN Reunion Conference
November 2, 2015
Palm Springs, California

Presentation: HELP! I've Lost My Mind! There's an App for That!
AIDS Alabama
January 25, 2015
Birmingham, Alabama

Presentation: A Help in HAND
17th Annual Positive Living Conference
September 27, 2014
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Presentation: HELP! I've Lost My Mind! There's An App for That!
26th Annual Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS
May 26, 2014
Denver, Colorado

Presentation: HELP! I've Lost My Mind! There's An App for That!
Fourth Annual Mississippi HIV Advocacy Conference
January 30, 2014
Jackson, Mississippi

Presentation: HIV and Mental Health
FTC SpamForum
April 30, 2003
Washington, DC

Panel Session: Open Relays/Open Proxies/FormMail Scripts
Moderator: Renard Francois.
Panelists: Dr. Bill Hancock, Michael Rathbun, Matt Sergeant, Brad Patton, Adam Brower, Nick Nicholas
Fall ISPCON 2001
October 10, 2001
Las Vegas, Nevada

Panel Session: Privacy: What ISPs Need to Know
Moderator: Jason Catlett.
Panelists: Ray Everett-Church, Nick Nicholas
Third Annual Conference on Nonprofits and Technology:
Succeeding as a Dot Org
May 8, 2001
San Jose, California

Panel Session: Privacy at Risk in the Nonprofit Sector
Moderator: Allen Hunt-Badiner.
Panelists: Deidre Mulligan, Peter Neumann, Nick Nicholas
CPSR Activists Roundtable
March 4, 2001
Waltham, Massachusetts

Presentation: Latest Developments in Email Marketing "Self" Regulation
Drawing the Blinds: Reconstructing Privacy in the Information Age
October 12, 2000
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Panel Session: Constructing Privacy -- From Protocols to Interface
Moderator: Nathan Borenstein.
Panelists: Ashok Khosla, David Marvit, Peter Neumann, Nick Nicholas
Spam Summit 2000
May 4-5, 2000
Washington, DC

Panel Session: Using Technology to Solve the Spam Problem
Moderator: Paul Hoffman.
Panelists: Eric Allman, Julian Haight, Tim Pozar, Nick Nicholas

Panel Session: Spam Showdown: East Code versus West Code
Moderator: Lawrence Lessig.
Panelists: Rick White, Deidre Mulligan, Ray Everett-Church, Jason Catlett, Nick Nicholas

Presentation: RBL Use and Practices
November 13, 1999
New Orleans, Louisiana

Tutorial: Abuse Boot Camp
Instructors: John Levine, JD Falk, Nick Nicholas
Spam Roundtable III
November 11, 1999
Santa Barbara, California

Panel Session: Latest Technology Countermeasures in the Ongoing War
Moderator: John Levine
Panelists: Simson Garfinkel, Afterburner, Nick Nicholas
Fall ISPCON 1999
October 26, 1999
San Jose, California

Panel Session: Three Approaches to the Spam Problem
Moderator: Brad Templeton
Panelists: Ray Everett-Church, Tim Pozar, Nick Nicholas
Email Abuse Roundtable 3
October 6, 1999
Falls Church, Virginia

Presentation: MAPS Update
Email Abuse Roundtable 2
March 13, 1999
San Diego, alifornia

Presentation: Recent Developments at MAPS

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