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My interests cover a broad range of subjects and activities. Scientists have identified a mutation on a particular gene which leads to novelty-seeking or thrill-seeking behavior. Given some of the things I enjoy doing, I surely must have this mutation!

Photography probably is my biggest hobby. Links to some of my efforts can be found here.

I love to travel. I visited Egypt in 2008, and I visited New Zealand in January and February of 2013. New Zealand is a spectacularly beautiful country, and photographs from that trip are located here. However, the country also is one giant theme park with many thrills to be found. Videos of my adventures are located here.

I love art of all kinds and periods. When I visit a country, seeing its museums is a high priority. I also appreciate artists, and I am lucky to have a number of creative people as my friends. One friend and I collaborated on a particularly beautiful painting, Mayan Goddess Dancing Under the Moon, which is described in more detail here.

I currently am owned by a gorgeous and loving cat, Grace. She is a full-blooded Burmese, platinum variety. A few photos of her are located here.

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Gold rule

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