The Goddess

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I met the artist, Phoenix Smith, several years ago on the day she married one of my good friends. The reception was held at the bride's home, and it was there I fell in love with the magnificent painting below, and I fell in love with the artist as well.

First Goddess

Our friendship grew over the years. In 2005, Phoenix Smith did a portrait of me in pencil which is in my office "art gallery" as a gift for sitting for her "Favorite Movies" series (a series of portraits painted while the model watches his/her favorite movie).

Phoenix Smith pencil portrait of Nick Nicholas, 2005

About a year ago she made an extraordinary offer to work with me on co-creating a painting featuring my cat. I remembered her first painting I had seen those years ago, and I wanted to include somehow a goddess, an earth-mother figure in the painting as well.

Glamour pose of Grace on ottoman
Princess Grace posing innocently on top of my iPad
Princess Grace
Grace huddling in the cold
Grace in a playful mood></td>
    <td><img src=
Grace hoping to get packed on my next trip
Grace getting comfortable
My current owner, Grace, was to be the subject of the painting.

However, following discussions and exchanges, the painting below emerged. No cat is to be found, although at one point I suggested, jokingly, that we have my cat curled up asleep on the clouds. The artist was wise enough to quietly reject this idea.

Mayan Goddess

Mayan Goddess Dancing Under the Moon, 36" x 48".

The following pages describe the collaborative creative process that led from an offer to paint a portrait of my cat to the gorgeous jewel of a painting above.

Gold rule


Gold rule

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